Sylvia Paull
Oct 29, 2021


Like Cancer, the Social Media Site Is Invading the Universe

What else is there to say?

I’ve been reading a brilliant satire of a high-tech company like Facebook titled The Startup Wife by Tahmina Anam, a fellow of the British Royal Society of Literature who originally hails from Bangladesh. In the book, a fictional company, called WAI, for We Are Infinite, creates like-minded communities through algorithms based on people’s beliefs.

Descriptions of the start-up phase, quest for VC, and consequent viral growth are hilarious and also not far from the truth, as great satire often reveals.

The book also recounts the subservient role that the wife of the WAI founder, who coded the algorithm underlying WAI’s framework, is resigned to playing.

Time for Congress to apply some social media chemotherapy.

Sylvia Paull

Agent provocateur, Silicon Valley connector and high-tech publicist.